Following the Stars hints at our journeys through life and the landscape, how places we have been stay with us, they become part of our psyche, informing who we are, the decisions we make. It refers to how we once mapped our journeys primarily through the position of <!–more– read more> the stars and how gazing at the skies reminds us of how insignificant we are as individuals, how our time here is short in comparison to the age of our universe yet we are connected to this we are part of something so much greater than ourselves, we are part of its story.

Originally modelled in clay; a mould was taken and 3 casts were made.  Cast in resin with metal powders or pigments added, each cast was worked on after moulding so although they are from the same mould each is different.

Inspired by my walks along the North Shore. A place where some of my best thinking happens, where a sense of calm descends.

My heart never fails to be lifted, my soul to be fed and feelings of awe stirred by the ever changing landscape.

Aluminium Resin 3/3 on display at The Barony Centre
H43 x W24 x D25cm approx. Weight 8kg approx

Following the Stars – Black pigmented by Frances Clark, 2018
(Limited Edition 1/3)

Following the Stars in Antiqued Copper Resin by Frances Clark, 2018 (Limited Edition 2/3)

Following the Stars in Aluminium Resin by Frances Clark, 2018
(Limited Edition 3/3)